XRP Airdrops

Evernode will be airdropping 2,580,480 Evers (EVRS) to eligible XRP holders on an unannounced date. This will be a separate airdrop from the Flare Network claims. Evernode is a layer two node ecosystem that is looking to deploy on the XRP Ledger.

Aesthetes is planning on airdropping its native token called Elysian (ELS) to eligible XRP account owners. Aesthetes is a real-world NFT art project looking to launch on the XRP Ledger. The total supply of ELS will be 1B with 510M being distributed to XRP account owners who set up a trustline with the ELS issuing address (rHXuEaRYnnJHbDeuBH5w8yPh5uwNVh5zAg). It is not entirely clear how Aesthetes will limit those trying to setup many trustlines; however, we would expect to see some verification process prior to the airdrop. Users have until 2/15/2022 to set their trustline with the airdrop expected to commence between 4/15/2022 – 6/15/2022.

XRP Airdrops – Flare Network

Eligible XRP holders will receive the Spark (FLR) airdrop from the Flare Network. Additionally, with the announcement of the Songbird Network, these same eligible XRP holders will be airdropped the Songbird token (SGB). To be eligible for these airdrops, the user would have had to held XRP on a participating exchange or wallet at 12/12/20 00:00:00 UTC. Additionally, if XRP was held on a self-custody wallet, then the user would have had to gone through the claim process before 6/12/21 00:00:00 UTC. It is important to note that exchanges have no contractual obligation to deliver the SGB token airdrop. Therefore, exchange claimants will need to reach out to their respective exchanges to have the SGB token airdrop delivered to them. Self-custody claimants will have the SGB token delivered to the Ether address used in the message key field of their XRP account.

XRP holders passing the above requirements will receive 1.0073 FLR and 0.1511 SGB for every eligible XRP owned. Self-custody claimants can check the validity of their claim through XRPSCAN. However, by nature of owning either FLR or SGB, users will be eligible for two airdrops from the Flare Finance project. The snapshot date for these two airdrops will be 30 days after the launch of the Flare Network, which has no official launch date as of yet. Flare Finance will be airdropping DaoFlare (DFLR) to eligible FLR holders and SongbirdFlare (SFLR) to eligible SGB holders.

SFLR will be the secondary governance token for the Experimental Finance (ExFi) protocol launching on the Songbird Network. The only use case for DFLR is that it can be swapped during a roughly 10 day period on FlareX for the secondary governance token for the Flare Finance protocol called YieldFlare (YFLR). The final airdrop ratio is unknown for both tokens at this point in time as there are some variables that need to play out on the Flare and Songbird Networks respectively.